Those tweets about Venezuela were pretty bad, but Trump also decided to babble about the dangers of Iran today. He lashed out at the intelligence community for not taking the threat of Iran seriously enough.

These are some very bizarre tweets. What is the purpose of arguing with your own intelligence people on social media about how they’re underestimating the dangers of Iran? And who seriously considers Iran a national security threat to the United States? Going after Iran like this has everything to do with the national security interests of Israel. It has nothing to do with the “America First” agenda.

I get that Trump’s stance on Iran was one of the neocon positions he supported during the campaign, but for him to bring this up now alongside the Venezuela shit going on is deeply concerning. Not to mention the fact that our country is about to be invaded with more Central American caravans heading towards our border.

The whole situation is deeply aggravating. It is possible that he’s decided to give up and is purposefully antagonizing his political base. Hopefully that’s not what’s happening, but considering his behavior as of late, it is one of several possibilities we have to consider. Other than the strikes he ordered against Syria over those fake baby gassing videos, this is definitely the lowest point of his presidency.