The British legislature will be voting on Theresa May’s hoax Brexit deal in early December. It’s hard to see how this deal will pass.

President Trump basically said that the fake Brexit deal might prevent the United States from trading with them.

Nigel Farage has been doing interviews all over the place describing it as the “worst deal in history.”

Boris Johnson recently challenged May over the fake Brexit deal in the House of Commons.

And then you have Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party saying they won’t support it.

The British people overwhelmingly hate this deal. It’s hard to see how this deal will get approved by the British legislature.

Of course May was against Brexit from the start and she’s engaged in a weird plot to do Brexit without really doing Brexit. The idea being is that the deal will be so bad that it will force a second referendum and somehow force the UK back into the EU at a later date.

We can only hope that this fiasco pushes May out of power and we get Boris Johnson as the new British prime minister. That would be the best possible short term outcome.