The orange man has announced that we are finally withdrawing from Syria.

Here are the pertinent tweets.

This is obviously the right move. Nobody supports these insane foreign wars as they have obviously been of zero benefit to America. The only reason we’ve been involved in this stupidity is because Jews have had their hooks in American foreign policy and have used it for their own benefit.

The only question is if he’ll stay the course or if he’ll get bullied by the Jewish media and all these retarded neocons and neolibs who are bought and paid for by Jews. That’s what happened the last time he announced a withdrawal.

But this time, these people have really been going crazy, acting like this announcement is the end of the world. It’s utterly ridiculous.

They’re particularly angry about how this gives Turkey the green light to destroy Kurdish forces which were propped up by ZOG and supported by Israel.

But I couldn’t give a damn about the Kurds. How are any of these tribal battles in the Middle East any of our business any way? It doesn’t serve our interest to be involved. So if the Turks go in and destroy these people I honestly couldn’t give a shit.