Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump have both arrived in Singapore for the much anticipated talks. This is the first time that a sitting American president has met with a North Korean leader.

Here’s footage of Kim’s arrival and his meeting with Singapore’s prime minister.

And here’s a clip of Trump arriving and departing from Air Force One.

So it looks like all this is going to happen. Trump has a meeting with Singapore’s prime minister tomorrow before the big talks with North Korea start on Tuesday.

Hopefully the two leaders strike a deal. It’s very possible that we will see them officially sign a deal to end the Korean War. Outside of that, it is hard to tell what might come out of this. It’s not like North Korea is going to denuclearize all at once as many have been demanding. There will have to be a process that’s agreed to which will hopefully lead to an eventual reunification of North and South Korea.

Unfortunately, Trump has John Bolton with him on this trip. This guy was rambling on about all sorts of nonsense and almost derailed the talks. Hopefully Trump ignores whatever Bolton tells him and just goes with his gut instincts during these negotiations.

Bolton being so close to Trump makes me nervous. The man is insane and wants to start wars with everyone. I’d much rather have someone like Dennis Rodman as the national security adviser. Rodman is definitely a more sane and stable individual than Bolton.

But if Trump is able to strike a deal, he would absolutely have to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. They gave this award to Barack Obama for being black. So based on the low standard that’s been set, Trump would be a shoe-in for the award if he’s able to pull this off.

The next few days will be interesting. We could be watching some historic developments unfold.