Donald Trump is saying that 500 miles of border wall, artistically designed steel slats, barriers or whatever the hell you want to call it will be completed on the southern border by the end of 2020.

He deserves credit for getting better control over the border and the 500 miles of new barriers will certainly help. They don’t necessarily need to have this barrier infrastructure setup along the entire border since there’s lots of natural barriers that already prevent crossings. So we can assume that these barriers will take care of the most problematic areas.

Of course, the wall is all for not if we continue to have mass amounts of legal third world immigration into the country.

We also have the issue of our First Amendment rights which are being systematically destroyed by a handful of Jewish tech companies. If we can’t protest our country being flooded with third world hordes on the Internet, it makes it difficult for us to galvanize political support for anything.

Legal immigration and the First Amendment are of far more importance than the wall, even though I am pleased to see that the wall project is moving in the right direction.