Justin Trudeau the soyboy faggot running Canada, is planning a speech where he will apologize to Jews. Back during World War II, Canada refused to let these kikes into the country. Trudeau views this as a bad thing for some reason.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday that he will apologize for Canada’s refusal to admit Jewish asylum seekers fleeing Nazi Germany just months before the start of World War II.

On May 13, 1939 the ocean liner MS St. Louis departed Germany with 907 German Jews aboard and crossed the Atlantic Ocean “desperate for safety and refuge from persecution,” according to a statement from Trudeau’s office.

The passengers however were not allowed to disembark at the ship’s first destination, Cuba, and were subsequently denied entry in the United States, and Canada — due to “discriminatory ‘none is too many’ immigration policy of the time,” the statement read.

Forced to return to Europe, many of the passengers were sent to concentration camps, and 254 died in the Holocaust.

The date for the apology on the floor of the House of Commons has not yet been set.

Trudeau should not be apologizing for this. The fact that they refused to let these evil creatures into their country was the right decision. But because of this childish fairy tale about fake shower rooms disguised as gas chambers, he thinks that not letting them in was a bad thing.

This is why exposing the truth about this Jewish Holocaust hoax is so important. The entire historical narrative that Western civilization is based off of centers around this retarded bunch of Jewish lies. The Nazis did not gas sixty trillion Jews as is claimed. It’s all made up by nonsense by devious kikes as part of an international extortion racket. And here we see Trudeau buying right into it.

Canada should be proud of not letting these filthy kikes into their country. Their ancestors did the right thing.

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