It looks as if TheRightStuff.Biz is having some real problems. Their Alexa ranking over the past 90 days has been in free fall after their connections to federal informants, lunatics and other crazy weirdos have been fully exposed by people like myself, Azzmador, the Daily Stormer and Matt Forney. I can’t imagine the promotion of Communism and Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign by certain TRS hosts have helped either.

If this keeps up, my own site will soon have more traffic than TRS. And outside of the posts promoting The Krypto Report, this site is mostly me just spending an hour or two commenting on news and various stories I find interesting.

TRS on the other hand is a fairly extensive operation with numerous hosts and personalities.

But despite all of the damage that has been done, they have to my knowledge refused to admit wrongdoing and continue to claim that anybody who questions them and their links to federal informants are insane.

Avoid TheRightStuff.Biz and anybody who shills for them at all costs. TheRightStuff.Biz is really TheRightStuff.Gov.