Now that the Russia hoax has been totally exposed as a retarded conspiracy theory, the top figures in the Jewish media who pushed this hoax are claiming to have been justified in promoting it. Top CNN Jew Jeff Zucker in an interview with The New York Times, said he had no regrets and justified their insane coverage by saying that they are not “investigators” but “journalists.” Talk about some word kikery.


CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker is pushing back against critics accusing the news network of being one of the chief propagators of a debunked Trump-Russia conspiracy theory after special counsel Robert Mueller cleared the president’s 2016 campaign of alleged collusion with the Kremlin.

In an interview with the New York Times, Zucker said he was “entirely comfortable” with CNN’s Trump-Russia coverage and suggested it was entirely appropriate to give near around-the-clock-coverage due to the story’s magnitude. “We are not investigators. We are journalists, and our role is to report the facts as we know them, which is exactly what we did,” the CNN chief wrote in an email. “A sitting president’s own Justice Department investigated his campaign for collusion with a hostile nation. That’s not enormous because the media says so. That’s enormous because it’s unprecedented.”

According to a four-page summary of Mueller’s findings written by the Justice Department, investigators found no evidence President Trump’s campaign “conspired or coordinated” with Russia to influence the election.

Zucker neglected to mention CNN’s steady stream of conspiracy-theory punditry and several stories which proved demonstrably false.

Zucker’s statements are ridiculous. The job of a journalist is to investigate and report facts. Saying that journalists are not investigators is bullshit. They might not be official law enforcement investigators, but they are responsible for investigating and reporting the truth. The endless bullshit we saw on CNN over the past two years was just one retarded conspiracy theory after another. It was just them spewing garbage that came from uncorroborated sources and anonymous individuals. There was no attempt to find the truth. It was all about falsely painting Donald Trump as a puppet of the Kremlin.

The Jews may have thought that going full crazy with this Russia hoax was needed to control Trump, but they totally destroyed their credibility in the process. All the Trump-hating leftists no longer trust them. The two biggest promoters of this hoax were CNN and MSNBC and their ratings have plunged in the aftermath of this hoax being exposed.

One of the only Jews who is concerned about the damage that was being done was Glenn Greenwald who has been tweeting about it over the past few days. Regardless of what you think of him and his politics, he is 100 percent correct about how badly the Jew-run media fucked themselves.

It’s actually a far worse media debacle than the Iraq WMD situation back in 2003 because the Internet wasn’t as big of a thing in those days. There was really no excuse for these people to get it wrong. I’m just one guy with a computer and an Internet connection and I was able to determine that it was a hoax from the start. If I could get it right, there’s no excuse for professional journalists making huge salaries six and seven figure salaries not to see what was going on.

What’s crazy is that you have many of these people who pushed this dumb conspiracy theory for the past few years, inventing new conspiracy theories to cover up for the fact that their old conspiracy theory was wrong. It’s going to be truly hilarious seeing these people try to thread the needle on this. You’d think they would just admit that they got it wrong and move on. But some of these people like Rachel Maddow and others are just going to keep running with it.