The profession of journalism is a total and complete mess. These people are just outright making shit up and reporting it as fact.

The latest example of this is Ian Bremmer a columnist for TIME Magazine admitting that he fabricated a Donald Trump quote which went viral on social media.

It’s interesting to see how Bremmer and others of his ilk are the same people making edicts about who should and shouldn’t be allowed on the big social media sites. They literally perceive themselves to be the thought police of the Internet.

But who the fuck are these people to make such demands? These are the people most responsible for putting out disinformation and fake news. The Russia hoax being the most prominent recent example of this but there’s many other examples like the Nick Sandmann and Jussie Smollett nonsense. They have no business or right to make such demands considering they’re the ones most guilty of spreading false information on the Internet.

It’d be one thing if Bremmer was publishing satirical material as that should absolutely be allowed, but he was not publishing satirical material. He published this Trump quote as if it were a real quote even though it was totally fabricated. Trump is right about how the libel laws need to be changed so people like Bremmer can be sued for posting such bullshit.

Journalists of today are the absolute scum of the earth.