The Palestinians have staged a massive protest storming the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel.


Thousands of Palestinians are gathering along the border of the Gaza Strip and Israel for a massive, six week-long, protest calling for the right of return for Palestinian refugees to what is now the Jewish state.

The ‘Great Return’ got underway on Friday as Palestinians gathered to hold a mass rally to commemorate Land Day, which marks the killing of six unarmed civilians by Israeli forces in 1976.

Hamas said as many as 100,000 Palestinians will take part in Friday’s massive demonstration. The protest coincides with the week-long Jewish holiday of Passover, which could lead to an increase in tensions in an already-volatile region.

I would really like to see the Palestinians stand up to these Jews but unfortunately they along with the rest of the Arabs in the region haven’t done a whole lot. The Jews have essentially put the Palestinians in open air concentration camps. They are the most evil race on the planet.

Several Palestinians have been killed and injured in these protests. I’m sure we’ll see worldwide condemnation of Israel for their human rights violations. Or that’s right, we won’t because they’re apparently god’s chosen people and they are allowed to do this sort of thing for some reason.