I’ve had some people ask me about Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign so I figured I’d do a quick write up to summarize some of my thoughts. For those who don’t know, Yang is an Asian guy with a business background running for the presidency as a Democrat in 2020. His candidacy has sparked some interest from right-wingers due to a few specific policy points he has made.

He has an apparent willingness to address the demographic decline among White Americans along with the drug and suicide problems plaguing White men.

He has also talked substantively about the issues we face as a society stemming from advances in technology. As most of you are already aware, automation, artificial intelligence and other technologies are going to replace a myriad of jobs over the next several decades. He’s the only presidential candidate talking seriously about the issue. In order to help deal with this situation, Yang has proposed givingĀ $1,000 a month in universal basic income to everybody.

Considering the technological changes that are going to rapidly transform society, the concept of universal basic income is something that should be explored. Plus, I support the idea simply because of the existing political climate. Right now, people are afraid of expressing their views freely out of fear that they will lose their job. With universal basic income, this fear will be lessened. Everyone will have a minimum baseline to ensure that they can at least eat and obtain shelter. It would also give lots of young right-wingers and nationalists the flexibility to focus their time and energy in the political realm.

Outside of that, there is little of Yang’s platform that I agree with. I view Yang in the same respect that I view Tulsi Gabbard. Gabbard’s appeal is that she is against waging endless foreign wars for Jews. Both Yang and Gabbard are in essence one issue candidates who are worth supporting for strategic and tactical purposes. The longer their presidential campaigns last, the more these specific issues will be injected into the political discourse. They are also the only two Democrat presidential candidates who appear to be somewhat reasonable. All the other Democrat candidates are prepared to destroy everything America is and was. The Jew Bernie Sanders for instance has promised to “transform” America. And when he means “transform” he means destroy.

Unfortunately, I don’t see any way that either Yang or Gabbard will be able to win the nomination. Even if they are able to get traction, the Democrat Party is so corrupt, they will do everything in their power to screw them over.

The thing is, the Trump presidency has become such a cluster fuck, there’s not really a whole lot of good options at this point. I’m hopeful Trump will turn things around and get back to the MAGA agenda, but I’m hardly optimistic that this will happen. He’s being advised by all sorts of shitty people. He’s also done nothing to prevent his supporters from getting banned off the Internet. So even if we wanted to support him, it’s become increasingly more difficult to do so.

At this point, right-wingers registering as Democrats to vote for either Yang or Gabbard in the primaries seems to be the best tactical move we can make. If there’s a better option, I’m not seeing it at the moment.