Pictured above is Jayoh De La Rey aka Jim Object. A self-described drug trafficker, fed snitch, BDSM fetishist, tranny-fucker, mercenary who fought Zulu nigger hordes in South Africa and high level employee of TheRightStuff.biz.

As we reported earlier, TheRightStuff.biz (TRS) has been employing an individual by the name of¬†Jayoh De La Rey. He is a person who has been heavily involved with organizing TRS’s real life “Pool Party” meetup groups. He has been mentioned on TRS affiliated podcasts as a point of contact for people wishing to join TRS’s “Pool Party” groups.

This individual previously went by the alias Jim Object and appeared on an anarchist podcast back in 2012 where he claimed to be a drug trafficker, fed snitch, BDSM fetishist and a tranny-fucker.


A few short years later, he became involved with TRS and claimed to have been a mercenary in South Africa fighting blacks.

We know that this person has been in communication with admitted federal informant Christopher Cantwell and was on a podcast (16 minutes in) talking about shooting the breeze in his kitchen with costume Nazi people like Matt Heimbach.

And keep in mind, Heimbach is a person who established a close working relationship with Jeff Schoep the former leader of the longtime costume Nazi group the National Socialist Movement who has since disavowed his Nazi past. The Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center recently did a whole article gloating about it.

Heimbach also had an embarrassing personal incident in a trailer park where he got into a fight after he was caught having sex with Matt Parrott’s wife. He has also made strange speeches rambling on about his hatred of capitalism while coming off as a weird racist Communist of some kind.

Based on this information, there’s one of two things happening here.

At best this Jayoh De La Rey or Jim Object individual is an insane liar who is communicating with admitted federal informants and weirdo costume Nazis.

And at worst he himself is a federal informant who made up stories about being a drug trafficker and tranny-fucker as a way to gain entry into the ancap community. He was then later assigned to TRS where he made up stories about being a mercenary in South Africa to gain entry into their inner circle.

Any legitimate organization upon knowing this information would immediately fire such a person and issue a statement disavowing their activities. But instead, TRS has stood by this Jim Object character and have been mass deleting comments from people asking about it. They even for a period of time disabled the comments section for their own paying subscribers as TRS personalities have been mass-banning people from their Twitter feeds. All because they don’t want to answer questions about TRS’s employment of Jim Object.

So why are they doing this? What is so special about Jim Object?

Mike Peinovich is scared to appear on a show to openly discuss Jim Object.

Andrew Anglin asked Mike Peinovich aka Mike Enoch a high level member of TRS’s management team to appear on a show to discuss the situation and find out if this isn’t just some big misunderstanding of some kind.

Peinovich has refused and went so far as to issue these retarded statements on Twitter.

Peinovich is basically engaging in weird Jewish word trickery to justify not appearing on a show to answer simple questions about TRS’s continued employment of the self-described drug trafficker, tranny-fucker and mercenary Jim Object.

If there was nothing weird going on, why not just appear on a show with Anglin and answer a few questions? By refusing to do so, he is publicly defending TRS’s employment of an obviously untrustworthy person who is communicating with feds and other disreputable people.

Furthermore, Peinovich has comically claimed that people are low IQ if they ask questions about the Jim Object podcast and has even claimed with no evidence that the dump of this podcast has been part of a conspiracy involving the Southern Poverty Law Center, Matt Forney and The Daily Stormer against TheRightStuff.biz.

Keep in mind, the SPLC has been involved in filing lawsuits against The Daily Stormer which makes the idea of such a conspiracy patently absurd.

TheRightStuff.biz through their own statements and actions are literally defending their associations with federal informants and random weirdos.

Needless to say, this is totally unacceptable.

Considering the available information and TRS’s reaction to said information, it is reasonable to believe that TRS is a fed compromised operation. But who knows, maybe Peinovich or somebody else in TRS’s braintrust has a totally plausible and believable explanation for all of this. Of course, if they had one, we would have already heard it by now.