It’s hard to see how British Prime Minister Theresa May can continue in her current position much longer. She’s been forced to do a media blitz defending this hoax Brexit deal. She’s already had cabinet ministers resign over the fake Brexit arrangement including the main guy who was supposed to oversee Brexit. There’s also rumblings about members of her party arranging a vote of no confidence in her leadership over this fiasco.

She also wrote an op-ed in the Sun defending this sham. Comically, May claims that the deal ends the free movement of people even though it leaves their border with Ireland wide open. So this means, anybody who gets into Ireland a member of the European Union, will have free movement into the UK. This is not what the people voted for when they voted for Brexit. They voted to leave the EU unilaterally.

May has always been against Brexit. She’s trying to tell people that they’re doing Brexit without actually doing it. Her proposal continues EU entanglements without giving the UK any representation in the EU Parliament. It’s an even worse situation than being a member of the EU. At least being a member gives them representation.

Nigel Farage has called it the worst deal in history and I’d certainly trust his opinion over anything that May says.

He also talked about the latest developments on his radio show today.

The deal has virtually no support from the British people. And if it did have their support, May wouldn’t be on this media blitz today.

May needs to be forced out over this. Brexit will never go through if the main person negotiating had no interest in leaving to begin with. She’s deliberately trying to thwart the will of the people with this insanity.