The Brexit fiasco continues. British Prime Minister Theresa May barely survived a no confidence vote in her leadership. This after her hoax Brexit deal was soundly defeated yesterday.

She delivered a dumb speech after the vote. I don’t even know wtf she’s talking about. It’s just incoherent gibberish with stupid buzzwords.

Nigel Farage was talking with Piers Morgan earlier in the day calling for May to resign.

Once again, May was pushing a Brexit deal that was not actually Brexit. That’s the main reason why we have this political fiasco. The British political class has been trying to find whatever excuse they can to not execute Brexit.

Farage thinks the late March deadline to leave the European Union will get extended. While we don’t know if that will actually happen or not, we are definitely going to see all sorts of stupid political games over the next few months.

After seeing this cluster fuck it is hard for me to understand why anybody continues to think that democracy is such a wonderful form of government. In all of these democracies around the world we rarely see the will of the people ever being executed. Even when the people vote on something specific like Brexit, there’s no guarantees.