The awful neoconservative magazine “The Weekly Standard” has officially shut down after 23 years. The magazine was co-founded by the Jew Bill Kristol for the purpose of promoting Jewish agendas including having America fight endless wars for Israel. It reached the height of its influence in the 2000s during George W. Bush’s presidency.

Not surprisingly, “The Weekly Standard” in its last days was aggressively anti-Trump. POTUS celebrated the magazine’s demise on Twitter and criticized Kristol’s kikery.

The end of this magazine is really a death knell for the neoconservatives. While Trump hasn’t been able to accomplish anywhere near what we hoped he would, his presidential campaign played a major role in defeating these people.

Jewish neocons like Kristol have given up even trying to act like they’re “conservative” and are instead appearing on CNN and MSNBC to bash Trump. The mask has been ripped off and it is no longer possible for them to pretend that they’re “conservatives.”

But yes, the end of this awful magazine is very good news and worth celebrating. It is definitely a big victory.