The Oscars were held last night. In years gone by this used to be an important cultural event. These days, like most of these stupid entertainment awards shows, not very many people give a shit about it. Ratings for the Oscars has been in steady decline and especially so in recent years. This is largely due to the fact that the Jewish movie industry keeps putting out all sorts of anti-White bullshit. Plus there’s many more forms of entertainment available compared to what was available in the past.

This year’s Oscars essentially went full black where several of the important awards were given out to blacks. It was sort of a repeat of 2017 when they went full black after the Jewish media whined about blacks not getting any meaningful recognition in 2016.

This headline says it all.

The best picture went to a movie called “Green Book” where some Negro rides in a car with an Italian criminal. Apparently the Negro teaches the Italian man how to be a good person or some shit. It looks like a terrible movie so it is only fitting that it won best picture.

Spike Lee was none to happy about the best picture selection, thinking that his own film about the KKK and David Duke should have won. He did however win a separate screenplay award where he whined about slavery, hate and basically told people to vote against Donald Trump in 2020.

Trump responded calling him out for being racist against Whites.

I’m not sure what the final ratings will be, but ultimately it doesn’t matter. The cultural relevancy of this show is in decline and it will only be hastened the harder these kikes keep pushing this Negro shit.