The non-playable character or NPC meme is in my estimation the best meme of 2018 thus far. It’s a very powerful meme because it articulates the fact that the vast majority of people we interact with on a daily basis appear to have been programmed to behave and act the exact same way. Some have argued that these individuals have no souls and this may very well be an accurate assessment of the situation.

The idea of a non-playable character originated from a gaming term used to describe a computer controlled character that responds to the player with scripted and pre-programmed lines. This is totally synonymous with the people I just described.

The meme has gotten all the Silicon Valley faggots and social justice warriors pissed off. Twitter has even banned a bunch of NPC related user accounts claiming that they were violating their terms of service surrounding “misleading election content” and “dehumanizing speech.”

This after thousands of NPC based Twitter accounts flooded the site with posts mocking people who just repeat what they’re told by the Jewish media. This was obviously meant to target idiotic leftists and SJWs who are totally incapable of thinking critically about anything.

There have even been articles written in the gaming press crying about how the NPC meme dehumanizes SJWs. Take for instance this one from Kotaku.

But dehumanizing? How about all the people who have been rendered non-persons on Twitter and on other social media sites for simply having a different opinion? Is that not more dehumanizing than a meme mocking people who can’t think for themselves?

Here’s just a small handful of the NPC related memes floating out there on the tubes.