Here’s Episode 13 of the Infostormer podcast.

Topics covered include the following.

  • The apocalypse caused by the Jew Chuck Schumer shutting down the government over illegals.
  • This weekend’s skank marches and how they prove the need for White Sharia and Coverture.
  • The push to declassify a memo which proves a conspiracy to hoax a conspiracy against Trump.
  • Attempts to meme Richard Spencer into a child porn advocate.
  • Newsweek raided by cops.
  • Israel’s plan to build an underground border wall around the Gaza Strip.
  • Turkey’s invasion of Kurdish held areas in Northern Syria.
  • Police claiming that the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had child porn on his computer.
  • Russia Insider announcing their intention to begin exposing international Jewry.
  • Bono and U2’s new found support for Donald Trump, the KKK and White supremacy.



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