A new poll on Hillary Clinton shows her popularity at an all-time low. As bad as her poll numbers are, it’s actually remarkable that they are this high.

This is undoubtedly due to the fact that people are constantly reminded of this horrible criminal bitch by the Jewish media. Even though she belongs in jail, she continues to be praised as some type of feminist icon for womyn. It’s a very sick thing.

She’s continued to do public appearances and recently did a cameo spot on the rehash of the horrible 90s era sitcom Murphy Brown.

This is so insane and reflective of the fact that the Democrat Party is in disarray. The party has been totally taken over by angry skanks and Communist mud people none of who are competent political actors.

If the Democrat Party had any real leadership they’d be doing whatever they could to get her out of the spotlight. Especially after she conspired with the party to rig the nomination process in 2016.

The only thing keeping the Democrat Party going is large injections of cash from billionaire Jews like Michael Bloomberg. People like Clinton are objectively bad for their political agenda, so in many ways it is good for us that she continues to maintain such a high profile. Her very existence provides motivation for people to vote against Democrats.