Here are some of the border wall prototypes that have been constructed.

There was speculation in the media that the President had evolved on the border wall following some comments from Chief of Staff John Kelly.

The President refuted Kelly’s comments with a series of tweets earlier today.

Considering that the government is willing to spend trillions of dollars on ZOG wars that do nothing to protect America, $20 billion for a wall on the Southern border is chump change.

More importantly, building a wall has to happen because of the political symbolism that it represents. The Democrats are doing everything they can to block the funding of a wall because they don’t want to give Trump this victory.

The whole situation is insane. Considering all the horrible things that are happening on the Southern border, it is common sense to build a wall. For the people who say that it doesn’t work, just ask the Israelis. The Jews built a big ass wall and it has been very successful at keeping the Palestinians out of their settlements.

These Democrat assholes are trying to do more for people who aren’t even Americans than actual Americans. They’re traitors of the highest order.

Let’s get that wall built!