What happened in Texas is pretty simple. Due to the fake problem of climate change allegedly being caused due to carbon emissions, the federal government told the state to install a bunch of windmills for power generation. A major winter storm hit the state causing the windmills to freeze which spawned power outages and rolling blackouts. This fiasco resulted in people freezing to death. It also caused billions of dollars in damage due to frozen water pipes and other problems that we’ve yet to get a full grasp of.

Zerohedge has an article that goes into the details of how the loss of wind power was at the heart of the problem.

It is a cartoonish situation proving how retarded our country has become.

To add insult to injury, some Texans are getting thousand dollar electrical bills. One bill was reportedly as high as $17,000.

It’s really amazing to see how we are creating problems for ourselves by trying to solve problems that don’t actually exist.

Climate change is a literal hoax. There have been countless predictions claiming environmental doom that have never come to pass, yet people still think it is all real. Even if you show people all the failed predictions that have been made over the past several decades, you can’t convince them that it is all a big lie. You can’t fix stupid and there are many millions of really stupid people out there who believe in this climate change cultism. It’s insanity.