Ted Cruz held a Senate hearing on big tech censorship the other day. While it might raise more awareness of what’s going on, the hearing on this issue is redundant as most people are already well aware that there’s a major problem.

Fox News:

Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, lambasted a top Twitter exec on Wednesday over alleged censorship of conservative users, with Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., accusing Twitter and Facebook of being “anything but transparent.”

Cruz led off a hearing of the panel’s subcommittee on the Constitution by saying that “a great many people agree that the pattern, the anti-conservative bias and the pattern of censorship we’re seeing from big tech is disturbing. The question of remedy is a more complicated one. … It’s a thorny legal question. It’s a thorny policy question.”

“By almost any measure,” Cruz added later in his remarks, “the giant tech companies today are larger and more powerful than Standard Oil was when it was broken up [in 1911]. They are larger and more powerful than AT&T when it was broken up [in 1982]. And if we have tech companies using the power of monopoly to sanction political speech, I think that raises real antitrust issues.”

At this point, these types of hearings are pointless. There’s ample evidence that these large Jew-run tech monopolies are censoring speech on their sites and all we get are politicians talking about it.

Years ago, I got banned off of Twitter and a myriad of other social media sites so I have first hand experience with this. They’re now actively banning normie-tier Republican types. The time for talk is over. There needs to be real action taken against these parasitical monopolies.

These companies are literally stifling the political opinions of many millions of people due to their role as the digital public square. They promote themselves as neutral platforms when they are really operating as a publisher. They decide what content can and can’t exist on their site which theoretically should hold them to a different set of rules. But we are not seeing any of that actually happen.

They need to be held accountable but the Blurmf administration hasn’t done shit about it. They’ve been content to let all of their political supporters be banned, shadow banned and censored. Even Blurmf’s own son Don Jr. has had problems having his speech stifled by Facebook.

So what’s the plan? Are Republicans going to do anything about this? Or are they just going to sit around with their thumbs up their ass? My bet is that they’ll just sit around with their thumbs up their ass.