Due to the Daily Stormer being forced to switch their domain from dailystormer.name to dailystormer.su, one of Anglin’s articles on Star Trek: Picard made it to the top of Google’s Android news feed. This resulted in the article going viral with millions of people checking it out.

As a result of this, a pathetic estrogen-filled blob of shit named Patrick Hogan took to Twitter to whine about it.

Google immediately responded to Hogan’s whining and said that they would look into the situation.

Google eventually apologized to Hogan for allowing a Star Trek article from a website as evil as the Daily Stormer to appear at the top of their news feed. They explained that the article escaped their censorship algorithms because the site changed domains and that they would be manually blacklisting the new domain so future Daily Stormer content doesn’t end up in their news feed.

As it turns out, Hogan according to his own Twitter page is a producer who works for CNN.

How is this even allowed to happen? Here we have an employee who works for a major billion dollar media operation conspiring to get a website with barely any resources banned off of a news feed. All solely based on his belief that the website is bad and run by bad people.

CNN did a similar thing to Alex Jones and his InfoWars operation a little while ago. They said Jones was an evil person because he talked about Sandy Hook conspiracies and because of this he needed to be banned off all social media sites.

You could make the argument that what CNN has done in both cases is illegal and amounts to tortious interference.

Clearly, people legitimately find the content we produce interesting. Anglin’s Star Trek: Picard article wouldn’t have made it to the top of Google’s news feed otherwise. Plus his take on the people giving positive reviews of the show being paid shills appears to be the most logical explanation for what’s going on. It’s a take that I and many others fully agree with.

Star Trek: Picard is an objectively terrible show that was created by Jews to promote rubbish social justice nonsense while destroying one of the most popular Star Trek characters in the series.

It’s also worth noting that before the huge Internet censorship push we saw post-Charlottesville, I had numerous articles that went semi-viral getting hundreds if not thousands of likes on Facebook both on this blog and on the Daily Stormer. And I don’t even consider myself that outstanding of a writer.

The point being is that if we had a level playing field and weren’t being blacklisted and censored by large multi-billion dollar tech companies, our media operations would be competing with and bringing down these Jewish propaganda operations. There is obviously a demand and desire for the type of content that is produced on this blog and the Daily Stormer.

The only reason why I and others have been unable to do this work full time is because of this extreme type of blacklisting and censorship. It’s next to impossible to make a living doing this.

But honestly, you have to be a real pathetic and worthless piece of shit to publicly cry about a Star Trek article and demand that the site that produced said article has to be banned off of news feeds. Such a person shouldn’t be considered a man.

And just look at this fat bastard’s face. This is the face of ultimate evil.