Mister Metokur has released the third part of his series on the fall of Kraut and Tea this retarded figure in the so-called “skeptics” community who was laughed off the internet.

This latest video exposes the chicanery going on with the Kilroy event which is supposed to be a “free speech” gathering scheduled to take place in Phoenix next April.

It turns out that the invited speakers have been asked to sign a weird NDA agreement and some females associated with Kraut and Tea including someone who refers to herself as “Based Mama” have been involved in organizing it.  These women were previously conspiring to bring down the Alt-Right with Kraut and Tea.

Just who in the fuck is this so-called “Based Mama” cam whore bitch? She’s a dumb as shit. She’s an internet drama queen whose only asset is showing off her enormous tits on camera.

One of the other females organizing this shit show claimed to be a former Moslem terrorist and threatened people who were criticizing them.

Guest speakers have had issues with the organizers responding to their emails and not allowing them to cover topics that they want. Keep in mind, that this is supposed to be a “free speech” event.

This whole thing looks like a dumpster fire and Mister Metokur has fully exposed it for what it is.

Perhaps most importantly, it provides a good illustration of how women are incapable of managing anything of importance.