The air strikes on Syria over alleged baby gassing claims have only bolstered support for Bashar Al-Assad. Syrians were in the streets today supporting their government. You will not see this reported in the Jewish media.

Assad is actually a very popular leader. They support him because he is protecting them from Islamic terrorists who have been funded by ZOG to destabilize the country.

Even though I strongly opposed the recent air strikes against Syria, the end result has not been good for Israel. Russia now has an excuse to bring in more sophisticated air defense systems to thwart Israeli fighter jets and Assad has even greater popular support than before.

The Jews have miscalculated with this baby gassing hoax crap. It has not worked in their favor even though that was undoubtedly the intention. It is likely that we will see them become increasingly desperate moving forward. I would not be surprised if they tried to stage a false flag chemical weapons attack in the United States in order to blame the attack on Syria. They need American forces in the region to avoid total destruction. The entire world hates them and they know it.