American ZOG forces are still in Syria presumably to prevent the Iranians from linking up with Syria to launch future attacks against Israel.

A major incident occurred that has received very light coverage in the Jew-run media here in America. Syrian forces were bombed by ZOG in what ZOG claims was a defensive strike.


The US-led coalition has carried out several “defensive” airstrikes on Syrian forces in retaliation for what they called an “unprovoked” attack on the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and foreign military “advisers.”

“In defense of Coalition and partner forces, the Coalition conducted strikes against attacking forces to repel the act of aggression against partners engaged in the Global Coalition’s defeat-Daesh (Islamic State, IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) mission,” the Central Command said in a press release.

The retaliatory attack was carried out after Syrian “pro-regime forces initiated an unprovoked attack against well-established Syrian Democratic Forces headquarters,” the coalition claimed.

The US-led coalition has also firmly stressed its “non-negotiable right to act in self-defense,” since its service members are embedded with the “partners” on ground in Syria.

While there were no immediate reports of casualties on either side, a US official speaking on condition of anonymity told Reuters that the coalition repelled a massive attack by pro-government fighters armed to the teeth with tanks and artillery. “Syrian pro-regime forces included approximately 500 personnel in a large, dismounted formation supported by artillery, tanks, multiple-launch rocket systems and mortars,” the source said, claiming that more than 100 of those fighters were killed.

The confrontation reportedly took place some eight kilometers east of the Euphrates River “deconfliction line.”

Wednesday’s incident is the latest of its kind involving the US-supported rebels and Syrian government forces. Washington remains under the impression that the coalition air force and its “partners” are allowed to operate east of the Euphrates, while the Syrian forces should remain west of the imaginary demarcation line.

Damascus has repeatedly stated that the US coalition presence on its soil is an act of aggression and a violation of the country’s sovereignty. The Russian and Syrian air forces are the only ones officially allowed to operate in Syria. In fact, the government of Syria has repeatedly asked the United Nations to urge the US to leave, particularly following the virtual defeat of Islamic State terrorist group. However, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has instead promised that US troops will remain in Syria indefinitely to counter Syrian President Bashar Assad and Iran’s influence in the region.

There’s no reason for American forces to be in Syria other than the one I mentioned above. Especially considering that ISIS has already been defeated in the region.

Syria did not invite American forces into the region and are therefore operating in the country illegally and against international law.

It’s interesting to see that this incident occurred at the same time that we see Israel stepping up their military activity against Syria. The Jews are starting to panic a bit. They’re running out of options especially after their attempt to start a coup in Iran failed miserably.

I would like Trump to order all these forces out of the region but I am doubtful that he will do that. He’s clearly trying to appease the Jews and the Zionists by keeping forces in the region.