Sweden’s election is tomorrow. If you are Swedish and you read this website, be sure to get out and vote for one of the anti-invasion parties. The Sweden Democrats are the most prominent of these parties but they’ve apparently drifted closer to the establishment as the election looms. Despite that, there’s a good chance that they could become the biggest political party in Sweden.

You also have the Alternative for Sweden Party which the Golden One is supporting. He put out a video discussing the differences between the two parties. He seems to think that getting the Alternative for Sweden Party represented in the Swedish parliament is more important since they are have shown less willingness to compromise on the core issues.

You also have Nordfront or the Nordic Resistance Movement which is the most hardcore of them all. They’re uncompromising National Socialists.

If I were Swedish I’d personally support Nordfront, but so long as you support one of the anti-invasion parties, that’s all that matters.

The invasion of the country by third world monkeys has become the most important issue.

Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Akesson also tangled with the Swedish political establishment during a televised debate. When Akesson brought up the Islamic rape problem to the sitting Prime Minister Stefan Loven, he changed the subject to #MeToo and legal protections for women workers. It was completely insane.

The Sweden Democrats are also being labeled as “racists” etc.. and a threat to Sweden’s values in the lead up to the election. This is the opposite of truth. The establishment is a threat to Sweden itself and must be defeated.

Akesson has gotten death threats including one allegedly from ISIS threatening to behead him if he refused to withdraw from the election. This is not surprising. I mean fuck, I’ve gotten death threats for running this website, so that’s just par for the course in this business.

We’ll see what happens, but hopefully the Swedish people will vote to save their country which has been invaded by hordes of mud monkey terrorists.