RT just produced a documentary about the third world invasion of Sweden. It provides some good insight into what’s been happening there. Point blank, the situation is even worse than I thought.

As we all know, the Swedish government allowed so-called “refugees” to come into their country. But these “refugees” are nothing more than third world invaders colonizing Sweden. And the worst part about it is that the native population is being forced to pay for these invaders to destroy their nation in the name of tolerance.

These invaders have been committing acts of violence throughout every large Swedish city. The cities are no longer safe because of these brown and black savages. It’s a complete fiasco.

The people in government responsible for this madness should be arrested, put on trial for treason and executed. Sweden is at a point where the only way they’ll be able to fix these problems is to deploy some type of military force.

If they had sane leadership, they’d give these monkeys a week or so to leave or face being shot dead by the military in the streets.

But if the Swedes don’t install a nationalist government in the upcoming election, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see some nationalists begin to form right-wing death squads to try and clean up these no-go zones. It’s gotten to the point where there won’t be any alternative. Either the mess gets cleaned up, or you’ll start to see all out race war in the streets.

The Jews should mostly be blamed for this mess though. They’re the ones who have been behind the push for multiculturalism in Europe.

And does anybody know if that evil kike Barbara Lerner Spectre is still in Sweden? She should be found and arrested. Don’t let her escape back to Israel. She should be made an example of. She’s on video admitting that Jews are responsible for all the madness we are seeing across Europe.

Maybe it’s time Israel learns to be multicultural. Let’s dump these monkeys in Tel Aviv and see how they like vibrant diversity.