Police scan the area to make sure no other explosives were left randomly lying around. Looks like exciting work!

Thanks to the cultural enrichment of Moslems and other non-Whites in Sweden, random explosives are left lying on the ground and are blowing people up.

The Local:

A man has died in hospital after he was injured in an explosion near a Stockholm subway station on Sunday.

The explosion occurred late on Sunday morning outside the Vårby Gård station, injuring a man in his sixties and a 45-year-old woman.

“There was something on the ground that the man picked up, and then it exploded,” Sven-Erik Olsson of the Stockholm police told the TT news agency.

The man died in hospital in the early afternoon, the police announced on their website.

Stockholm’s police force have said the man was unlikely to have been purposely targeted by whoever left the explosive at the station. They added that there was nothing to suggest terrorism.

The Aftonbladet newspaper reported that the blast was from was a hand grenade, though this remains unconfirmed by police, who said it’s too early to comment on the matter.

This is great. I can’t wait to see what other types of cultural enriching experiences will happen in Sweden thanks to these third world savages. I’m sure it will be a vibrant 2018!

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