This morning it was unclear if Brett Kavanaugh was going to get confirmed to the Supreme Court. It basically boiled down to how Republicans Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins were going to vote. Democrat Joe Manchin was also undecided.

Murkowski voted against cloture where as Flake, Collins and Manchin voted in favor of cloture. This allowed the measure to pass 51-49 setting up a vote on Saturday.

Despite that, it was still unclear if Collins was ultimately going to vote in favor of Kavanaugh when the real vote came up. How someone votes on cloture is generally how they vote on the measure but that’s not always the case.

Fortunately, Collins delivered a lengthy speech this afternoon explaining her thought process and confirming that she will vote in favor of Kavanaugh on Saturday.

After Collins said she was going to vote yes, Manchin said he was going to do the same making him the lone Democrat backing Kavanaugh.

So long story short, it looks as if Kavanaugh will be on the Supreme Court. We still have to wait for the final vote tomorrow, but that’s where it stands.

Even though Kavanaugh has a history of being a moderate, his confirmation was important for a number of reasons. It invalidates this concept of claiming someone is guilty until proven innocent for political purposes. It also proves that Republicans can effectively govern making the base happy for the midterms. It’s even reasonable to assume that Kavanaugh may rule much further to the right than he did on the lower court considering how hard the Jews kiked him with these vile smear campaigns.

It is true that Republicans might have been able to fire up the electorate more if Kavanaugh was defeated, but I think his confirmation is the best possible result. The base was already mad at how Kavanaugh was treated and was primed to come out in force for the midterms.

Hopefully we’ll see this become official tomorrow. The final vote is scheduled to happen in the afternoon.