A study is blaming the decline in marriages on men not making enough money.

Study Finds:

Marriage rates have steadily declined over the past few decades, and now researchers from Cornell University are offering up a possible explanation: there just aren’t as many economically-attractive men for unmarried women to meet as there used to be.

Previous studies had attempted to answer why marriage rates are on the decline, but most focused solely on gender ratio discrepancies as opposed to looking into the specific socioeconomic characteristics that make a particular man and woman a good match.

First, the study’s authors examined data collected on recent marriages between 2007-2012 and 2013-2017, gathered as part of the American Community Survey’s cumulative 5-year marriage statistics. That data was used to estimate the financial and sociodemographic characteristics of unmarried women’s potential husbands by creating economic profiles that resembled real husbands who had married comparable women. These potential husband estimates were then compared to actual population data on unmarried men across national, state, and local locations.

Researchers found that these estimated potential “dream” husbands had an average income about 58% higher than the actual unmarried men currently available to unmarried women. These synthetic husbands were also 30% more likely to be employed than real single men and 19% more likely to have a college degree.

Yeah, always the man’s fault. It couldn’t possibly be the fact that women have unreasonable expectations. The very fact that their so-called “dream” husband would be making 58 percent more than the actual men who are available shows that their expectations are entirely unreasonable.

And that’s just one factor a woman is considering. Even if the guy makes enough money, she might find a problem with his appearance, height, dick size or whatever. There’s always an endless number of excuses she could come up with. Especially when 100 percent of women are generally pursuing the top 20 to 25 percent of men.

But the main reason marriages are down is due to Jewish feminism. Men don’t make as much money as they used to because women have been allowed to have all these stupid hoax jobs which has artificially devalued the labor market. And Jewish feminism has also conned these women into thinking that they can fuck a thousand dudes during their most fertile years until they hit the proverbial wall. But by that time, no self-respecting man would want to marry them.

On top of that, most millennial women have no concept of how to be a proper wife. Other than the hole that exists in between their legs, they offer little if anything of value.

None of this is men’s fault. It’s the fault of these retarded women who think Jewish feminism empowers them. It doesn’t empower them, it destroys them and they are too stupid to understand it. And that’s why there’s going to be an endless number of lonely millennial cat ladies over the next ten to fifteen years. Just you watch.