The Stormer Book Club recently executed a fantastic campaign exposing the Jewish role in promoting pornographic filth. The Daily Stormer has a full write up on it. The campaign was launched in multiple states across the country and generated all sorts of news coverage.

As expected, none of the news outlets actually tried to answer the question posed in the fliers. They just talked about how the fliers were hateful and anti-Semitic. But it is a fact that Jews are behind promoting pornography. And because of this fact, they conveniently chose not to answer the question and just cried about how the fliers were “offensive.”

Here’s the thing, the truth is never “offensive.” The truth is the truth regardless of if you like it or not.

Overall it was a very effective campaign and hopefully we’ll see future campaigns like this. I also wanted to mention that Merchants of Sin is a great book written by my friend Ben Garland. He did an outstanding job detailing this sick and diabolical Jewish agenda in his book and it is well worth the read.