The Stormer Book Club launched a national campaign to expose the Jewish role in the hoaxing of sexual assault claims against Brett Kavanaugh. The campaign received a great deal of local and national news coverage including lots of whining by Jews.

The Creepy Porn Lawyer guy Michael Avenatti even tweeted about it. Undoubtedly because he was prominently featured on the flyers posted by the SBC.

Here are some news clips talking about the campaign.

These Jews have no idea how to deal with this shit. It’s not like they or anybody in the media can say that the flyers were factually wrong so they just cry about how the flyers were hateful.

Truth is not hateful. The truth is just the truth. It is a fact that Jews were the driving force in trying to derail Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court Justice. If the Jews don’t want truthful flyers posted about their continued kikery, than they should just stop engaging in kikery.

Read Azzmador’s article over at the Daily Stormer for more details about this glorious campaign against these hateful kikes!