A social media campaign designed to get millions of people to storm the secretive Area 51 military facility has been a big bust.

The only funny part about the whole thing was the military posting a tweet about how they planned on defending the Area 51 base by bombing millennials.


The US military has apologised for a tweet that threatened use of a bomber against “millennials” who tried to break into the secretive Area 51 base.

There were fears thousands could storm Area 51 on Friday after a Facebook event urged people to raid the base.

The deleted tweet – by a PR arm of the US military, DVIDS – showed a photo of a stealth bomber, stating it would be the last thing raiders would see.

The military unit said the tweet “in no way” reflected its stance.

The Nevada base has long been rumoured to house secrets about extraterrestrial life.

But in the end, only a small handful of lunatics showed up and nobody stormed Area 51 to uncover any alleged secret alien or UFO shit.

Even though I’m open minded on the alien/UFO topics, I believe the vast majority of UFO sightings and things of that sort are simply people seeing tests of advanced military aircraft.