Steve Bannon recently said that ethno-nationalists are “irrelevant” and that they can “go fuck themselves.”

He said this during an interview with Mike Cernovich.

Bannon has really gone off the rails. This man was hailed as a key architect of Donald Trump’s 2016 election win just two short years ago. Now he’s doing interviews with the likes of Cernovich and other YouTube e-celebs in a desperate attempt to cling on to relevance.

So no Steve, ethno-nationalism is not irrelevant, you are irrelevant. And fuck you for telling me to go fuck myself.

This guy has been one disaster after another since Trump won the White House. His political brand has become increasingly cancerous.

He got fired from the White House as Trump’s top political strategist only months into the job.

After leaving the White House, he returned to Breitbart. But he was forced out of Breitbart after it was revealed that he invited a Jew into the White House who ultimately wrote a negative book about the Trump administration.

He was a key player involved with Roy Moore’s Senate campaign in Alabama which led to Republicans losing the seat.

And most recently, he held an event in Kansas where he was only able to draw 25 people. Other reports have said that it was 17 people.

And fuck, I’m not even sure what the hell he was doing over in Europe, but whatever he was doing it wasn’t good.

It’s hard to say what is going on with this guy. Maybe he’s been paid off to sabotage shit or he’s developed an incurable case of alcoholism.

Either way, he’s become a net negative to our efforts, especially when he’s saying things like this.

Boomers like Bannon are deathly afraid of being called “racists” which is why he is pushing this “economic nationalism” horse shit or whatever he’s calling it.

The fact of the matter is that the term “nation” has always been connected to race. The two terms are synonymous with one another and can’t be separated. People who say otherwise are being intellectually dishonest.

Unlike Bannon, Trump defines himself as a “nationalist” citing his desire to do what’s best for America. And since his base is mostly patriotic White people, he is attempting to act in their best interest. Trump might not come out and proclaim himself an ethno-nationalist, but the way he defines himself is far more useful than how Bannon has chosen to define himself.

Point blank, the only way the United States of America can survive into the future is if the White people who have built and maintained this country sustain themselves as the majority demographic. This is not an irrelevant concept. It is actually the most relevant concept to the future of America as a nation.