Stephen Miller despite being a Jew is one of the best people in the Trump administration. This is just an objective analysis of the situation. He’s actually one of the few people in the administration pushing for immigration policies that we want. He was interviewed by fellow tribesman Chris Wallace about Trump’s national emergency declaration to build a border wall.

He basically said that Trump will veto any attempts by Congress to block his national emergency declaration. There’s already bills being floated around by the Democrats to try and block it.

But throughout the interview, Wallace made all sorts of stupid arguments against the border wall. The dumbest was his statement about how most drugs and contraband that have been seized were seized at ports of entry. The problem with that argument is that there’s all sorts of drugs and contraband that gets through because they don’t come through the ports of entry. Drugs can’t get seized at places where there are no barriers and no security personnel so nobody knows exactly how much gets through unsecured areas. But we can safely say that it is a huge amount. Wallace’s argument is based off of misleading statistical manipulation.

Wallace also argued that the executive branch doesn’t have the authority to declare a national emergency to build the wall. Miller rightly argued that Congress passed a law back in the 1970s that gave these national emergency powers to the President and that it is well within his authority to do this.

Miller also said that a few hundred miles of border wall would be built by 2020 with the funds that they’ve secured.

We’ll just have to see what happens with all this. Lawsuits are already getting prepared to stop this. But as I’ve said before, Trump should just ignore the court opinions and construct the wall any way. It’s for national security after all.