Nobody is really behind this retarded agenda to overthrow the Venezuelan government. Nobody except for Jews and neocon creatures like Mike Pompeo and John Bolton. They’re now claiming that we have to invade Venezuela because there are “American” citizens living in the country.


The State Department is demanding that a dozen U.S. citizens and permanent residents being held in detention in Venezuela be granted access to proper nutrition and medical care, and be afforded fair judicial treatment.

Concern has grown for the detainees in the days since the Trump administration closed the U.S. embassy in Caracas and withdrew all American personnel.

“The United States is gravely concerned about the welfare and safety of all U.S. persons detained in Venezuela, and by reports of Venezuelan prison officials preventing attorneys and families of detained U.S. citizens from delivering food and denying routine communication,” State Department deputy spokesman Robert Palladino said in a statement Friday.

Twelve U.S. citizens or permanent U.S. residents are being held by the Maduro regime, including six who were executives at Citgo and who have been in custody since November 2017 as part of an alleged anticorruption probe. At the time, Mr. Maduro claimed the U.S. embassy had petitioned for their release—an assertion not confirmed by U.S. officials.

This is sort of the same excuse that Ronald Reagan used to justify the invasion of Grenada back in 1983. There were American medical students on the island after a coup took place so that was the narrative that was crafted. We were invading to protect Americans. There was obviously more to it than that but that was the primary justification.

It looks like they’re setting up a similar narrative for Venezuela. Covert actions and dirty tricks designed to overthrow Venezuela’s leader Nicolas Maduro have failed. So when these types of actions fail, the next course of action is to deploy the military using a proper narrative pushed in the Jewish media.

Pompeo has also brought the neocon Jew Elliott Abrams a horrible character from the Reagan era on board to oversee this debacle.

None of this is looking good and Donald Blormf has articulated his support for the removal of the Maduro government. And when speaking to the media, we hear the horribly over used phrase, “all options are on the table.” An invasion is looking increasingly likely.