Employees at a Philadelphia Starbucks store called the cops on a couple of Negroes who were lingering around the store without ordering anything. This is reasonable considering that Negroes are violent savages who regularly commit crimes. I know I certainly don’t want a bunch of Negroes lingering around near me for no reason!

First off, if I’m meeting somebody at a coffee shop or a restaurant and have to wait for awhile, I order something so the employees don’t wonder what my deal is. If I were working at a coffee shop and saw some people hanging around without ordering something for a period of time I’d get suspicious also. I’d be especially suspicious if they’re niggers.

Of course, this whole situation has become a national news story because hurting the feelings of niggers is one of the worst things you can do. Starbucks issued an apology for calling the cops on these niggers.

I’m sure the employees will be required to attend sensitivity training or some shit which is ridiculous. We all know that niggers are violent and unstable savages. Don’t believe me? Spend a night down in Camden, New Jersey or some other shithole city infested with niggers and I guarantee that you will quickly change your mind. It’s perfectly reasonable that people don’t want to be around these monkey creatures.