A boat load of nigger invaders rejected by Italy has been just been accepted by Spain. The Aquarius nigger taxi just docked in Valencia hours ago.

Spain’s government has made a grave miscalculation by accepting these boats of monkeys. It is only going to increase support for nationalist and populist groups and parties throughout the country.

A protest was held against the acceptance of the monkey boat.

These boats have literally been traveling off the coast of Libya to pick up Africans on dinky vessels. This is often done in conjunction with traffickers. They’ve been regularly ferrying this human filth to Italy but with a new populist government in charge, they have finally put an end to this. Now they’re forced to dump their subhuman cargo into Spain which is a much longer journey.

The good news is that with Italy blocking these vessels, it makes it much harder for these traffickers to operate. The bad news is that it is still being allowed to go on. There is still a path for infinity niggers to invade Europe. These operations need to be shut down immediately.

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