The orange man unveiled the logo for the United States Space Force the other day. It is a blatant ripoff of the logo used by Starfleet Command from Star Trek.

It’s literally the same thing.

Unlike the stupid shit the Democrats are currently impeaching the orange man over, this obvious ripoff of the Starfleet Command logo is a real impeachable offense. Surely, many copyright laws were broken with this logo and breaking copyright laws is a crime.

But even worse than the orange man’s total disregard for copyright laws, is his willingness to ripoff a logo from a science fiction brand that has been totally ruined by Jews. The latest Star Trek series Star Trek: Discovery features some dumbass Negress woman with the male name Michael Burnham as its main protagonist. The entire series is an obscenity.

I’m confident that if House Democrats revised their articles of impeachment to include what the orange man did with the Space Force logo, they could easily secure a conviction in the Senate.