A supporter of President Trump was refused service by a soyboy vape shop employee who had a meltdown of meltdowns. He basically said that he wouldn’t serve the man because Trump was an evil racist while he screamed like a bitch.

Just watch the video. It’s impossible for me to describe how crazy this shit is.

This is totally insane of course. Why do people think they can discriminate against Trump supporters? If it is illegal to discriminate against niggers it should be illegal to discriminate against someone for their political views.

At least it looks as if the vape shop employee has been fired over the incident.

Perhaps we need some common sense legislation that mandates vape shop employees have a minimum testosterone level. Obviously this vape shop employee had very low testosterone and very high estrogen levels.

It’s also worth noting that many Trump supporters and people who identify with Alt-Right politics are vapers. They should not have to deal with this type of discrimination just because they want to buy vaping products.

We should also consider the implementation of a “Vaper Bill of Rights” to protect the rights of vapers from insane soyboys who think they can refuse them service. It is the right of all vapers to be able to buy vaping products free from discrimination and harassment.