The Negro Communists that have taken over the South African government thanks to Jews, are now looking at amending the Constitution to steal White owned farm land.


SOUTH Africa’s white farmers could face land seizures after the country’s parliament recommended controversial reforms which put their future in doubt.

The proposals would see the introduction of laws allowing the state to expropriate land without compensation “in the national interest”.

White South African farmers still own around 73 percent of the country’s commercial agricultural land despite making up just nine percent of the population.

And supporters of sweeping land reform insist the state must step in to transfer ownership of some of the land to black farmers more than two decades after the end of apartheid.

This is a very dumb move by these Negroes. The same thing was already done to White farmers in Rhodesia aka Zimbabwe and it resulted in them not being able to feed their population. That’s because the low IQ Negroes who took over the farms couldn’t make use of the land like the White farmers did.

The same thing will happen in South Africa but on a much larger scale if they go through with seizing this land.

If these blacks were smart, they would protect the White farmers because they are one of the nation’s greatest assets. But instead of doing that, they are trying to steal their land while turning a blind eye to the countless stories of White farmers getting murdered by Negro savages.

This could potentially devolve into an all out race war. You practically have a state of anarchy in the country already. What’s happening in South Africa should be a wake up call to any Whites who think it’s a great thing that our nations are being flooded with low IQ minority populations. South Africa is your future if this is allowed to continue.