As the Democrat Party has become more colorful, multicultural and vibrant it is becoming increasingly obvious that this is a coalition that will not be able to maintain itself.

The 2018 midterms have allowed some truly insane and irresponsible Democrats to gain seats in Congress.

This Somali bitch Ilhan Omar is one of them. She as a Moslem is openly bashing Lindsey Graham for being a closet faggot claiming that this secret has allowed him to be compromised by President Trump.

She was interviewed by CNN.

Her only redeeming quality is that she’s anti-Israel. Other than that, this raghead’s presence in Congress is a sickening thing. She’s not an American. She came over here from Somalia as a refugee because her people are low IQ retards who can’t feed themselves and are constantly slaughtering one another.

But this meme that’s being pushed by her and other Democrats claiming that Graham is being blackmailed by President Trump for being a secret faggot is pretty funny. Do they really think they can keep this coalition of Moslems, Jews, homosexuals, niggers, feminists and other colorfuls together when they push such memes? There’s too many conflicting interests here.

The unfunny Jewess Chelsea Handler implied that dick sucking is a bad thing in order to bash Graham forgetting that this tweet will offend homosexuals and defenders of homosexuals.

This guy called out Handler for violating Twitter’s rules.

And weirdly enough, there are so-called “conservatives” bashing Democrats for being “homophobic.”

Unfortunately, Republicans have allowed the Jew-left to determine what is moral and what is not. This is why they’ve lost on the homosexual issue and why we are seeing weird shit like trannyism being forced on us. They’ve basically accepted faggotry as a normal thing when it is far from a normal thing. It is also very bizarre for them to call out Democrats as being the real faggot haters just like they tried to call out Democrats as being the real racists.

Instead of adopting this stance, they should be standing up against the third world invasion of America and all this faggot nonsense but they’re too afraid of the Jewish media calling them names like racist etc..

As crazy as this whole situation is, it is revealing that the Democrat Party is heavily fractured. It’s going to become even more apparent how fractured they are when the presidential nomination process gets into full swing. It’s going to be quite entertaining to watch.