Shitlibs have been forced to admit that illegal aliens are genetic waste after Donald Trump threatened to send hordes of illegal aliens into sanctuary cities.

Tucker Carlson ran a segment last night documenting how a number of leftist publications described what Trump was proposing as a horrible thing. Some leftists even used the phrase “dumping” to describe the Trump proposal as in “dumping” waste.

The kike Barbra Streisand even said that the Trump proposal was insane.

Insane? I thought these people provided enrichment? Why is it insane to provide cities with enrichment?

How out of touch do these people have to be to make comments like this? These people kept repeating over and over again how racial diversity was such a great thing. And now, they’re totally contradicting this mantra by referring to the Trump proposal as being the equivalent to dumping garbage. If they believed that racial diversity was a strength, they should be welcoming Trump’s proposal with open arms.

It’s funny to see how stupid these people are. But hey, at least they’re finally being honest with the fact that these illegal aliens are genetic waste. They’re being brought into America as part of a Jewish conspiracy to feed off of us. There is no debating this. But perhaps now we can finally have an honest debate about the merits of bringing in this genetic waste and if having this genetic waste is a net positive or a net negative to society.