The DACA program should have been ended in March. Unfortunately, the Jews and their Communist allies did some judge shopping and got a handful of rulings ordering DACA to continue. Now, several states are suing to end it.


Texas and six other states filed a lawsuit in federal court Tuesday challenging the constitutionality of the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

The 137-page lawsuit is the latest legal twist over the fate of DACA, which grants work permits toroughly 694,000 undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.

President Donald Trump moved to phase out the program in September after attorneys general from Texas and nine other states threatened to dispute in court the legality of the executive-branch program. At the time, Trump said he hoped to reach agreement with Congress on statutory language to maintain DACA. Subsequently, though, Trump imposed multiple conditions on codifying DACA that congressional Democrats rejected, including new limits on legal immigration.

Under Trump’s phaseout plan, DACA protections were set to begin expiring in large numbers starting in March. But district court judges in San Francisco, New York, and the District of Columbia ordered the administration to restart DACA renewals and even, possibly, to start accepting new applications for the program. The matter is expected to end up before the Supreme Court.

What we have seen with the continuation of DACA is vast judicial overreach. DACA was put in place by executive action so it can be undone by executive action. These courts ruling that DACA has to be reinstated are all completely fucking insane and it shows that the rule of law means nothing. We have judges that don’t interpret the law. They instead issue rulings based on their own politics and their hatred of Donald Trump.

These states suing to end the program should ultimately prevail in the Supreme Court, but who the fuck knows if that will happen. It’s not like the law means anything these days.

I just want these anchor babies kicked out of the country. They should blame their stupid ass parents for what happened to them. It isn’t our problem that they’re in this mess.