The senile wench Nancy Pelosi is claiming that a wall is an immorality and represents an old way of thinking. She also thinks building a wall to protect the American people is a waste of money.

That’s great, tell that to Israel you stupid cunt.

Pelosi is someone who supports endless wars for Jews and unlimited abortions. These are two highly immoral positions. And her position on the border wall is also highly immoral. It is immoral because she is opposing the protection of the people who she allegedly represents. Plus, not having a strong border encourages human trafficking, illegal immigration, the unimpeded flow of drugs and all sorts of other bad things. A strong border wall would help clamp down on these things.

This bitch has proposed many billions of dollars to be allocated for foreign aid. Yet, $5.6 billion is somehow too much to provide for border security.

To hell with this dumb cunt traitor. I hope she dies a horrible and painful death.