The Senate Intelligence Committee after two years of investigating has determined that there was no collusion between Donald Trump and Russia. In other words, the entire narrative as we have stated time and time again has been a ridiculous hoax.

Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump tweeted a segment from MSNBC on Tuesday evening of NBC News’ Ken Dilanian saying the Senate Intelligence Committee has not found any evidence of Russian collision.

“After two years and interviewing more than 200 witnesses, the Senate Intelligence Committee has not uncovered any direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, that’s according to sources on both the Republican and Democratic side of the aisle,” Dilanian said.

The Democrats don’t care about this though. They’re going to continue pushing this hoax narrative and launch an endless amount of investigations into Trump using their power over House committees. Facts and evidence don’t mean a damn thing to them. They are deranged and insane.

The real conspiracy is the conspiracy to hoax the conspiracy against Trump. The people involved in pushing this conspiracy like Rod Rosenstein, James Comey and others should be held accountable but probably won’t. We do not have a functioning justice system in this country. If we did, Bob Mueller’s witch hunt into this hoax would have ended a long time ago.