Originally it appeared as if Sebastian Gorka’s YouTube channel was terminated because the groyper army made up some shit about Gorka being an anti-Semite or whatever. But it turns out that Gorka’s YouTube channel was terminated for copyright infringement. Apparently he violated copyright law by continuously playing an Imagine Dragons song.

Daily Beast:

YouTube banned Sebastian Gorka from its platform on Monday, apparently because the former Trump White House adviser refused to stop playing songs from pop rock band Imagine Dragons on episodes of his radio show that were later uploaded to the site.

Gorka, a notoriously combative Trump ally, has regularly played Imagine Dragons songs on his radio show, “America First.” That’s put him at odds with the band’s lead singer, Dan Reynolds, who has been calling on Gorka to stop using the band’s songs on his show since August.

“Please stop playing imagine dragons on your show @SebGorka,” Reynolds tweeted on August 23.

Serves the grumpy Zionist shill right. Especially after he disabled the chat feature on his YouTube live stream and prevented groypers from calling him out for his Israel First views.

But like I said before, YouTube had every right to ban Gorka because YouTube is a private Jewish company and private Jewish companies are allowed to ban anybody they want because of the free market and stuff.