One of the most under reported stories in the world today is what’s going on in Yemen. The Saudis have been committing atrocities there for several years now. This story of the Saudis blowing up a bus and killing numerous children is just the latest in a long line of these incidents.


Fifty people died in a bus attack in Yemen and 77 were injured, most of whom were children, the International Committee of the Red Cross stated, citing officials. The Saudi-led coalition has called the attack “legitimate.”

The attack took place in Dahyan Market in northern Saada, a Houthi rebel stronghold, on Thursday morning.

The Saudi-led coalition later said the airstrikes were aimed at missile launchers used to attack the southern Saudi city of Jiza, claiming its strike constituted a “legitimate action.” It went on to accuse Houthi rebels of using children as human shields.

The tragic incident has prompted the ICRC to once again call for the protection of civilians during conflicts. “Twenty million Yemeni people are in need of [humanitarian] aid. The ICRC has always called upon all parties of the conflict to [find] a political solution… in order to curb worsening humanitarian conditions,” Mirella Hodeib from the ICRC earlier told RT.

It’s not the first time the coalition has hit a residential area this month. Just one week ago, an air raid in Hodeidah seaport claimed the lives of 55 civilians. An additional 170 were wounded.

“We see violations across the country and it’s really sad to speak about civilian casualties in a matter of less than a week. So for us, this is painful…this is just horrific,” Hodeib said.

Shortly after the Houthis stood up against the Saudi backed Yemeni government and took over the presidential palace, the Saudis began military campaigns in the country. This is largely because the Houthis are viewed as a proxy of the Iranians and the Iranians are a major adversary of the Saudis. That’s essentially the genesis of what’s happening there.

The Saudis are also aligned with Israel so it is not a surprise that they would use similar language to justify their war crimes. When they blow up a bus filled with children they talk about “human shields” which is the exact same rhetoric the Jews use when they bomb Gaza and kill Palestinian kids.

Why are we aligned with these countries if “human rights” is such an important thing? Perhaps somebody can explain this reasoning to me. The Saudis along with Israel are committing the vast majority of atrocities in the Middle East. But this is never an issue as we are told that we have to attack Bashar Al-Assad in Syria over unproven claims of chemical weapons attacks. And no, video footage showing children being sprayed with water hoses does not represent proof that Assad is a baby gasser.

The fact that this story is not getting any attention in the Jew-run press, proves that this whole concept of “human rights” is a giant hoax. This concept is only used to demonize those who are opposed to world Jewry.