One of the big happenings on the tubes last night was a live stream debate hosted by Andy Warski that primarily featured Richard Spencer, Sargon of Akkad and Styxhexenhammer 666. A few other people like Millennial Woes showed up but those were the main participants.

Anglin has already done a fairly detailed analysis of the debate so I’m just going to hit on the big takeaways.

Point blank, the “skeptic” cult or whatever the hell you want to call it is finished. I don’t see how it can recover from the ass raping that Spencer personally delivered to Sargon throughout the live stream.

Sargon has been the number one figure associated with this very weird internet cult. It is a movement that spawned out of #GamerGate gaining popularity for taking down social justice warrior types and other unhinged individuals on the political left.

After pushing many of these SJWs off the tubes, they’ve struggled to find a niche. For some reason they thought the next logical step was to attack the Alt-Right.

Sargon like many others associated with this cult is a very pompous and arrogant individual. He thinks his IQ is 6,000,000 points higher than it is. It has been my experience that people who think they’re this smart are usually quite dumb and put on a front to make up for their insecurities. That seems to be where Sargon is as a person.

The number two figure in this weird cult named Kraut and Tea already suffered a mental breakdown and was forced to quit the tubes after failing to take on the Alt-Right. Based on what happened last night, it looks like Sargon is going to suffer a similar fate.

Throughout the stream, Sargon based his stance around this absurd idea that the White European race is not a real concept. This is about as stupid as claiming that a specific breed of dog like a Golden Retriever or a German Shepard doesn’t exist and can’t be defined. We all know that these dogs have certain characteristics that define what it is as a breed. To say that this is not a real thing and can’t be applied to human beings is an obvious absurdity.

The shallow nature of this argument was evident throughout the debate. Instead of being able to argue against the core concept of a White European ethno-state endorsed by Spencer, Sargon tried to use hypothetical nuances about this proposed future White ethno-state to invalidate the argument for it. This was not a serious position and it showed with Sargon lashing out with a variety of emotional childish outbursts.

Here are a few highlights that people have uploaded.

The public response to this debate has been overwhelmingly negative towards Sargon. Go ahead and scan the comments left throughout YouTube and Twitter and there is almost nobody on Sargon’s side. Outside of a small group of cultists, it is hard to see how anybody will ever take him seriously after this pitiful performance. That’s really the big takeaway.

I’m honestly a bit surprised to see how quickly Sargon imploded but maybe it shouldn’t be such a shock considering what we have seen from this “skeptic” cult. It’s a pleasant surprise to kick off 2018.

The dissident right is consolidating and becoming increasingly radical. Soon we will have a unified block that is pro-White and Jew-wise. That’s where all this is heading. Many will be forced to join or be left behind. We have the momentum and Sargon melting down like this is proof of it.